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Shipping cost is based on zip code.
Sausage orders are shipped in insulated boxes packed with cooling materials. All orders will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday (West Coast must ship on Monday).
The best time to order is the middle to the end of the week so it can be made and shipped out the following Monday or Tuesday.


Please fill out phone number on checkout in case we need to call you. Thanks!

Mix & Match
Sausage products are sold and shipped in 10 lb combinations per order. Add up to 10 lbs to the shopping cart in any combination.

If you would like to have a guaranteed 2 day delivery, we can do that for an additional shipping charge. Call for details 724-845-3302

Smoked Sausage NEW
Our delicious sausage made with a spicy blend of seasonings. Naturally hardwood smoked for a delicious, hearty flavor.

18oz package
Sales Price: $ 4.39

Smoked Kielbasa NEW
Our delicious kielbasa made with a spicy blend of seasonings. Naturally hardwood smoked for a delicious, hearty flavor.

18oz package
Sales Price: $ 4.39

Ham Cubes
There is nothing better than our slow-smoked ham cubes with their delectable hickory flavor. These cubes are ready-to-serve and eat. Perfect for any occasion.

1lb package
Sales Price: $ 5.49

Smoked Boneless Ham 1/4's
Our mouth-watering boneless, smoked ham quarters are just right for an intimate dinner or a small family.
Slow-smoked over real hickory chips to create a natural flavor and fully cooked, they’re ready to serve at room temp or gently warm in the oven.

Approximately 1.5 lb
Sales Price: $5.49

Smoked Boneless Ham Grill Steaks
Uncle Charley’s boneless ham grill steaks are juicy and smoke cured to satisfy the most discerning tastes. They are of the highest quality cuts of pork and seasoned to perfection.
Approximately .9 to 1 2/5 lb - $5.49 lb

Sales Price: $5.89

Smoked Boneless Ham Halves
Our tender, moist boneless ham halves will delight you and your family’s taste buds with their hickory smoked goodness. Ready to eat and serve, they are gourmet quality and delicious.

Approximately 5 lb
Sales Price: $21.50

Smoked Thick Sliced Bacon
Our smoked thick sliced bacon will delight your family and friends. We slow-smoke the
choicest slabs of bacon until the hickory flavor and fragrance are absolute perfection.

1 1/2 lb double smoked thick sliced bacon.
Sales Price: $8.99

Smoked Thin Ham Slices
Our smoked thin ham slices make a delicious gourmet meal in minutes. Hickory smoked to moist, tender perfection,
Our ham slices are fully cooked and ready to eat. It doesn’t get any better than this.

3 thin ham slices 1 lb pkg

Sales Price: $5.49